how to unblock youtube

How to Open/Unblock YouTube in Pakistan?

Dear Visitors!
Many of you will want to know that how someone can use youtube in pakistan especially in these days, I am sharing this article not for the sake of creating any problem. I like other people also condemn and protest against the unrespect of Prophet SAW, but as to block youtube is not the solution of this problem. More of the people will face alot of problems like viewing lectures, dramas etc on youtube will miss all that. thereofere if you want to open youtube in pakistan simply do the following steps.

1. Open
2. Download spotflux.
3. Install the spotflux (you will be asked to install java if you have not install it already)
4. Open the spotflux after installation.

After a minute open youtube will be open untill spotflux is running. if you want to stop youtube again close/disable the spotflux.

If the above method is not working for you, you may go to
3 New Ways to Open YouTube in Pakistan

This is the simple way that you will be able to open/unblock youtube in all those places where youtube is blocked. But remember one thing this post is for those who need it, it does not mean that we do not protest the disrespect of Prophet SAW.

We also request Pak govt and PTA to unblock YouTube and just block those anti islamic videos as to block the whole website is not the solution of the problem, cause if you block the website any islamic activity on the website will also stop, and the enemies of Islam will enjoy this, we need to reply to those anti islamic videos and we should be given access youtube so that we could reply to the world via there own website that we muslims will spread the Islam via their own channel.

If you believe i am right, please share this post and leave your feedback.

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3 Responses to how to unblock youtube

  1. میں تو خود یہی سمجھتا ہوں کہ بھائی پورا ڈومین ہی بلاک کر مارا ہے،خدارا صرف وہ ویڈیوز بلاک کرو جو قابل اعتراض ہیں۔ ضروری تو نہیں کہ ہر فیصلہ عقل کے اوپر بیٹھ کر ہی کیا جائے۔

  2. YouTube Unblocker نے کہا:

    Unblock YouTube with the help of free proxy sites or use free proxy unblocking software or extensions all over the world.

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